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Dare to dare in 2011

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The year is almost gone, so I’d like to pay a tribute for those who dared to be bold in 2010 and threw themselves in space, trying to grasp bliss and glory. Well, also for those who simply took another step towards their goals in life, even if it’s a rather small one. In the end, there’s no such thing as a small step in life, as every little action we do may take us somewhere great (or terrible).

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Truth be told

This is Regine Richards’ musical project for New York Film Academy. She did a great job developing the concept and creating a good link to the lyrics of the song, with some influence from Bob Dylan, I’d say. I had the pleasure to shoot the images and act as a Director of Photography and for that reason I’m here presenting you this piece of art.

So here it is, “Naked and Ugly” by Barrie Rose. Written and directed by Regine Richards, cinematography by Vitor Schietti.

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Vitor Schietti cinematography reel

It’s with great pleasure that I present you my first cinematography reel. I saw my first photographic portfolio the other day, and I’m excited to thrill the new paths I’ll find in this similar art.

On the reel you’ll find images from “The Wheel”, my final project at NYFA, along with other films like “The Homefull” and “Yoshimi Battle” and projects in which I worked as Director of Photography only: Pete Fitz’s shortfilms “The Uncle” and “Coconut” and Regine’s Richard musical video for the musician Berry singing her song “Truth be told”. All of these I intend to post later on here, with the author’s authorization.

With no more delays, here’s my reel. You can see it in higher res, make it a full screen.

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Afternoon with actors in Malibu

Last Sunday afternoon was spent at the lovely company of Michael Eisner and Krista Morin, two canadian actors living and working in Los Angeles.

We drove to a small beach just outside Malibu, climbed some rocks and sit there on the top of a big one while the Earth rotated and made the sun disappear behind the sea. The hours spent together on that fine afternoon brought much to think about, some more to feel.

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