Afternoon with actors in Malibu

Last Sunday afternoon was spent at the lovely company of Michael Eisner and Krista Morin, two canadian actors living and working in Los Angeles.

We drove to a small beach just outside Malibu, climbed some rocks and sit there on the top of a big one while the Earth rotated and made the sun disappear behind the sea. The hours spent together on that fine afternoon brought much to think about, some more to feel.

I’ve met Michael and Krista during an audition I held for the project “The Drifter”, which you’ll check out here some other day. Michael played the part of a backpacker with a shallow pocket. A few weeks later I called him and offered him  and Krista two parts in my final project, “The Wheel”. They gladly took it and we’ve worked together once again, this time for several days. Today the shortfilm was finally finished and for those of you eager to check out the outcome, there will be two unique public screenings of the film. The first one is tomorrow, friday, December 3rd, on the fitth floor of New York Film Academy building, 3800 Barham Blv, at 5pm. All are welcome.


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