Vitor Schietti cinematography reel

It’s with great pleasure that I present you my first cinematography reel. I saw my first photographic portfolio the other day, and I’m excited to thrill the new paths I’ll find in this similar art.

On the reel you’ll find images from “The Wheel”, my final project at NYFA, along with other films like “The Homefull” and “Yoshimi Battle” and projects in which I worked as Director of Photography only: Pete Fitz’s shortfilms “The Uncle” and “Coconut” and Regine’s Richard musical video for the musician Berry singing her song “Truth be told”. All of these I intend to post later on here, with the author’s authorization.

With no more delays, here’s my reel. You can see it in higher res, make it a full screen.

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6 thoughts on “Vitor Schietti cinematography reel

  1. joão de castro

    simples e impressionantemente maravilhoso. vai fotografar assim pelo mundo todo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    parabéns vitor, somos (eu e minha equipe da produtora) cada vez mais fã do seu trabalho.


  2. JackCalvin


    Okay – I’ve decided! So now I’M going to go to film school this time, become a new director – and HIRE YOU as my Cinematographer! (that is, if you have room in your production schedule for me to book you!) 😀



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