Dare to dare in 2011

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The year is almost gone, so I’d like to pay a tribute for those who dared to be bold in 2010 and threw themselves in space, trying to grasp bliss and glory. Well, also for those who simply took another step towards their goals in life, even if it’s a rather small one. In the end, there’s no such thing as a small step in life, as every little action we do may take us somewhere great (or terrible).

This year was sure an important one to all of us. As for me, it was an year of learning to let go, and to experience other cultures, other people, other perspectives, to try to find one that would suit my new goals. I can’t say I’ve found it yet, as I’m struggling to understand what to do next, but I certainly became closer to understanding that life’s not to be fully planed or too questioned but rather lived, day after day, opportunity after opportunity.

I’d like to thank all of those who crossed my path and shared a smile with me. I’m sorry for my flaws, I’m aware they’re many, and I hope I can do it better next year. We’re all in this together, may we learn with each other and never let the downs stop us from trying it again.

Thisseries of brave skiers in this post was taken in Bariloche, Argentina, where I spent a great week with my father and sister in July, just before engaging in the long and undefined period in the U.S., where I am presently. I have to say I tried jumping on the snowboard myself, but a sore ass was a clear warning that I’m not yet ready for such audacity.

Cheers to those brave skiers, cheers to the uncertainty and to a brand new year that is about to bring us new horizons and blue skies. Cheers to 2011.


4 thoughts on “Dare to dare in 2011

  1. Adolfo

    It always a plasure read and see your posts! Let’s make 2011 a better year. Less questions and plans. More simple life. Cheers!

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