Two tales and a golf range

Hey everyone. This is an unpretentious post, so don’t take it too seriously. The first shortfilm you’ll see was done (from brainstorm to production) in one afternoon. It was conceived and directed by myself, and I didn’t touch the camera, just worried about directing and finding the right places for the scenes. It was completely shot inside the backlot where “Back to the future” was done (the clock tower scene). The second is Peter Fitz’s, my filmmaking partner at New York Film Academy, and I was both gaffer, camera assistant and actor. Word has it I was considered to be nominated for best Best Actor in Supporting role, but I guess the Academy had second thoughts about it.

and as a completely non-fictional, free, casual and funny home video, here’s a moment in a night hitting balls (or trying to), in a golf range in Los Angeles, with good friend Michael Esner.


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