The Wheel // A Roda

Uma história que se passa entre o mundo real e o onírico, realidade e sonho, mas até que ponto o que a mente pensa é menos real que o que os olhos vêem? Enquanto procura as respostas que determinarão seu futuro, Lucas, um jóvem fotógrafo de moda, tenta extrair algum sentido dos estranhos personagens que o visitam à noite: uma misteriosa mulher, um cavaleiro, seu avô falecido e figuras que nunca conheceu. Mas é preciso correr contra o tempo, a roda está girando.

A film in between two realities: the dream world and the conflicts of a young photographer trying to thrill his own paths. Lucas has reached a decisive point in his career, he has to choose between continuing as a fashion photographer or accepting long-term assignment for National Geographic in Africa. His girlfriend opposes to it, she can’t understand his goals anymore and they might not hold on together for much longer. Lucas seeks for answers in conversations with his grandfather, who already passed away, but visits him in dreams in times of trouble.

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The movie that inspired “The Wheel”, staring Carl Adams, The Homefull:


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