The child within

Simplicity is in the eye of the observer;


happiness is only a few steps away,

IMG_7058beauty is in every corner;
IMG_7162bliss is in the water sparkling on our legs.OA6A0727

Family will be there, to help us along the path;

OA6A0757 we’ll be open minded to whatever life brings,OA6A0799

and we’ll learn together.OA6A0816 OA6A0840

Each step brings us closer,OA6A1674

each achievement will be celebrated;

each memory will grow tender,OA6A1804

as the bond grows stronger.OA6A1845

We’ll rejoin our parents, OA6A1858

in our search for gold.


We’ll get up when called upon


and we’ll play when the call is inside of us.


The inner child will never fade;


and for that we’ll rise higher;


and from there, we’ll observe further;



and from further, we’ll remember the simple things.IMG_7144

We’ll conciliate with the child within,


and play as she calls us tirelessly


As she chants to the old philosophers, who were born, them too, joyful children.

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