Connection above

On the path of lifeOA6A2390

while moving forward, with uncertain eyes,OA6A2372

there must be some sort of belief, a light to lead the way.

Along it’s steps one may stumble into feelings and emotions:OA6A2336

love and ephemeral passions,OA6A2334

smiles and griefs,OA6A2330

promisses, conquests and mistakes.OA6A2316The cold stone tries to tell you secrets.


You can’t quite acknowledge them, but you hear a distant voice,OA6A2304

Figures are born, what is permanent manifests itselfOA6A2297

from the work of human hands that sow colors, pierce rocks, upraise monuments.

It is the Soul speaking, reaching from higher ground.OA6A2273

where matter is but light

where guardians watch the entrant,OA6A2350

before the inner voice is finally heard.

As matter is yet light, but it becomes crispier, brighter, stronger;OA6A2235It is then when it is established: the connection above.

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