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Connection above

On the path of lifeOA6A2390

while moving forward, with uncertain eyes,OA6A2372

there must be some sort of belief, a light to lead the way.

Along it’s steps one may stumble into feelings and emotions:OA6A2336

love and ephemeral passions,OA6A2334

smiles and griefs,OA6A2330

promisses, conquests and mistakes.OA6A2316The cold stone tries to tell you secrets.


You can’t quite acknowledge them, but you hear a distant voice, Continue reading

The child within

Simplicity is in the eye of the observer;


happiness is only a few steps away,

IMG_7058beauty is in every corner;
IMG_7162bliss is in the water sparkling on our legs.OA6A0727

Family will be there, to help us along the path;

OA6A0757 we’ll be open minded to whatever life brings,OA6A0799

and we’ll learn together.OA6A0816 OA6A0840

Each step brings us closer, Continue reading

There must be time

I returned and there he was, an old friend, welcoming me with a smile.


He took me through paths I had walked before.


Up to places I had already seen;


Places I’ve spent among friends, now grown tall.


I saw the sun set over lands I’ve once called home.

“The geography is the same, but the trees are taller”, he explained to me.


So was I, as I saw my reflection in Glenshea Street.


I was back to the house up in the hill.


And there she was, cheerfully annoucing dinner, just as I remember. Continue reading